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* Murals * Award-winning scenic design for theater 
* Sea Music * Folk Music * Medieval & Renaissance Music
* Team-Building Programs  *  Drama games
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Artwork Music Design Drama
  1. Scenery crows
  2. Winslow sailor
  3. Map detail
  4. Hurdy gurdy
Designs for
theater productions,
maps, & murals
workshops for
all ages
Sea music, Medieval music,
& more
For schools, museums, seniors, & libraries, I plan a program to fit your needs. Call to discuss my unusual musical instruments, true tales, & audience participation.
After 14 years collaborating on scenic design at Bancroft School's theater in Worcester, MA, we recently won the TAMY award. Call to plan a design meeting for the visual effects you need.
When you need Drama classes, improvisation workshops, or a director, call me. We can plan the sequence and content that fit with
your students, residents, or audience.
  1. Musical
    programs to fit your needs
  2. Visual
    designs for your theater or wall
  3. Dramatic
    content to engage your group
  4. Creative
    & cheerful collaboration
  1. Where else could children see and hear a hurdy-gurdy, rebec, chalumeau, fanfare trumpet, and more? Lady Margaret's middle ages program is a visual and musical treat.

    Becky Ellis, Music teacher, The Wheeler School, Providence, RI

  2. There is a story to tell for every situation, every relationship, and all of the hopes with which we live. I like to make those stories lively and vivid.

    Margaret on belay, painting a climbing wall

  3. Visitors to Tully Lake Campground are in a marvelous landscape. My murals invite them to see more wonderful TTOR sites nearby. It's engagement by inspiration.

    Margaret painting for The Trustees of Reservations

Margaret McCandless
Margaret McCandless
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