* Custom Maps  *  Watercolor Maps
* Murals * Award-winning scenic design for theater 
* Sea Music * Folk Music * Medieval & Renaissance Music
* Team-Building Programs  *  Drama games
* Freelance Writing & Editing
Artwork Music Design Drama
Scroll down for some examples of my work and a handful of kind remarks. When you need cheerful creativity for an audience or for your music, artwork, or theater projects,
I offer original thinking, collaboration,
and support for your own ideas.
* Musical performances & instruction 
     regionally, New England since 1993
* Educator & musician at Higgins
     Armory Museum 1995 to 1998
* Drama teacher & scenic design at
     Bancroft School 2001 to 2015
* Murals   *  Custom maps
* Writer, painter, composer, more
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"Thank you for your time and talent. We had a ball, toe-tapping, singing along, clapping, & even some dancing. You made our celebration a success."
   Ruth Spaulding, Events Committee
   Wachusett Greenways, Holden, MA
Award-winning Scenic Design
In spring of 2015, our team at Bancroft School won the regional TAMY award for scenic design supporting "The Drowsy Chaperone." I have designed scenery for "Guys & Dolls," "Bear's Gift of Fire," ten-minute plays, and many more productions. As part of that high-caliber creative work, I offer freelance
sketching, painting, and teaching, enabling your students to
paint scenery and props for theater.
Custom sketches
Whatever your visual needs for a theater project, there's a good chance that I can draw it for you, teach your students to paint it, and guide them in any finishing touches; or paint it for you. Painting theater scenery is a joy!
digital and in color, for your project

Custom-planned Drama programs for children or for senior citizens can include theater games, improvisation, and scripted works.
"Your unfailing energy and cheerfulness are a great asset to the event... Likewise, your music and talent with children always impress."
   Craig Edwards, Sea Music Festival
   Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic, CT
In theater work with students, I have taught Drama with elementary children for many years, directed thirteen fifth grade plays, guided middle school students in improvisation and in scripted work for eight years, and taught a lot of high school students to paint faux surfaces, realistic castle walls, and many landscapes, among other images. It's great fun, with any age group. I look forward to my next theater projects.
My collection of Medieval & Renaissance musical instruments includes rebec, chalumeau, harp, hurdy-gurdy, pan-pipes, recorders, cornamuse, cow horn, fanfare horn, and more. I play these while narrating a story appropriate to the age of the audience. For school performances, student involvement can include playing rhythm instruments, contributing body percussion, and singing along.
"She introduces children to unusual musical instruments and makes them feel a part of the performance. I highly recommend Margaret to any school or library."
   Jane Dutton,
   retired Director
   Gale Free Library
   Holden, MA
While I do not allow students to stand on the top of ladders, this photo catches me while on belay, painting a rock-climbing wall and incorporating student work.
For your mural project, consider including the stake-holders as painters. Students are proud for many years of works that they have helped to create.
If you represent a non-profit organization, talk with me about your needs and my ability to donate portions of my work. Occasionally, I can offer community service with a paintbrush.
"Dressed in Medieval garb, Lady Margaret enchants her audience as she presents the stories, songs, and instruments of the Middle Ages. Our annual Medieval Feaast would not be complete without Lady Margaret's lively and authentic presentation!"
   Sandra Allen, First Grade Teacher
   Bancroft School
   Worcester, MA

Murals at Tully Lake, Royalston, MA

"All season long I have been getting comments about the murals... Our campers love them! They are priceless!" 
    Keith Bockus, Tully Lake, The Trustees of Reservations.
Among the large installations that I have painted, the murals at Tully Lake are open to the public in the summertime. Enjoy the Trustees of Reservations website or their facebook presence, for more information.