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Custom-Painted Maps

Your images become a custom-painted map.
For wedding gifts, wedding favors, retirement
commemorations, vacation memories, favorite places,
and that one-of-a-kind gift.
Individualized design, water-color with ink,
available in three sizes.
Family events in the details
For this Block Island, RI, map, at left,
I included many details from one family's decades of shared experiences, including fishing, sailing, swimming, picnics, and more. This family sings together, so a list of favorite songs fit into open ocean at right. Detail below.
For the map of Somesville, ME, shown below, the images include favorite sailboats, rowboats, and kayaks, some of the birds the family has seen, and views around Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island, each in its own circle. There is family history tucked into small spaces.

When the story
       is in
  the pictures

The recipient of this map wanted it to have drawings to commemorate events in a favorite place. There is a minumum of text and no roads are shown, yet the map shows personally important hiking trails, ski areas, railroads, and gondola routes. We developed a list of images that I drew or painted to include reminders of birds seen, marmots spotted, special cheeses found, an alpine hut visited, funny episodes with family, bicycling adventures, and meetings with cows and goats.     

Map-Design Process & copyright

Prices for custom maps

My custom maps include personalized details. These can be in small sketches on or near the map or can be within the landscape.
I learn the client's goals and discover the stories and visual subjects that they would like to see illustrated on the map. We settle on text for the headings and any other labels.
In the process, we decide on details such as margin textures, color palette, compass rose imagery, and lettering style and colors.
I retain copyright for the image. Reproductions may be made for family members of the recipient only, up to fifteen copies.
Quantities of detailed elements vary with the sizes.
       Size 11 x 15 inches:      $475.00 unframed.
       Size 15 x 22 inches:      $750.00 unframed.
       Size 20 x 30 inches:   $1,200.00 unframed.
All are painted on rough, medium-weight acid-free watercolor paper.