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Margaret's Music Programs

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For school groups, museums, libraries, and elders, my programs offer cheerful content, lively performance, and audience participation. Historic detail and inspiration are part of my style.
Hurdy-Gurdy: How many strings?
The Medieval period spans many centuries, and hurdy-gurdy designs changed through the years.
Two Recorders
in harmony
Interested musicians may enjoy trying this themselves. Here I demonstrate playing an alto and a soprano at the same time.
Medieval & Renaissance
Music & Instruments
English Concertina
The modern concertina dates from 1828, great for my Sea Music programs. It offers a free-reed sound for much older melodies, as well.
What did poor people play for music? How did the wealthy make music a part of daily life? Whence came the capped reed, the strong harp shape, or the frame drum? It's all fascinating and musical. I play harp, hurdy-gurdy, chalumeau, cornamuse, pan-pipes, whistles, recorders of several sizes, chanter, rebec, bodhran, fanfare horn, bow-backed mandolin, triangle and other rhythm instruments, and more.
My Sea Music and American Folk Songs programs have chanteys, ballads, new songs, and true tales of childhood at sea, a fun topic for young audiences. Participation includes sound effects, choruses, and more. I play banjo, concertina, harmonica, bones, guitar, penny-whistle, and jinglers. 

True Tales of Life at Sea

The  paintings here illustrate the ocean-going experiences of such real people as (clockwise, from top left) Harbo & Samuelsen (first to row across the Atlantic),Henry Brice (captured by the Gurriere), Joshua Slocum (first to sail solo around the world), and Jamie Earle (lived aboard the Charles W. Morgan, the last wooden whaling ship which is at Mystic Seaport Museum). Enjoy these in songs and in narratives as I share many details of life under sail.